A Second-Place Finish For BIOFLOC Philippines Fishery Inc. At Leave A Nest Philippines’ Tech Planters

Source: https://global.lne.st/news/ph/2022/05/10/tpph2022dd/

Source: https://en.techplanter.com/2022/05/15/tpph2022awards/?fbclid=IwAR24YK89-UhDLlQe0HJlFywciUBFp8M-C2-t-RRdknsYAityuqQTYtytflA

 TECH PLANTER ASEAN has begun a new season in 2022, and the first Demo Day will be hosted in the Philippines!

Biofloc Philippines Fishery, Inc. (BPFI), which is led by LITHOS Manufacturing’s president, Engr. Eleanor Olegario, and BPFI Founding member Celedana T. Santos, along with Mr. Jay P. Nakar and Mr. Jessie Santos, is one of the 9 finalists out of 34 applicants chosen to compete in the Demo Day for the title of ‘TECH PLANTER in the Philippines 2022 Grand Winner’ this year.

On-site, the finalists will exhibit the innovations they are developing with the intent of resolving many of the Philippines’ and the world’s most pressing problems. Members of government agencies, technological business incubators, and corporations from the Philippines and Japan will evaluate the finalists.

The Philippine Tech Planter Competition in Iloilo, Philippines, honors BPFI as the competition’s runner-up on May 14th, 2022. There will be an opportunity for both the BIOFLOC team and the ASEAN Tech Planters Competition winner, Galansiyang Developers, to present their tech pitches in the competition in Singapore this August 2022.

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