Biofloc Philippines step up at Tech Planters Startup Finals by Leave a Nest

On August 20, 2022, Biofloc Philippines Fishery Inc. participated among 12 teams in Tech Planters Startup Finals in Singapore. Biofloc Philippines Fishery Inc. receives four (4) special awards: Rohto Award costs 2,500 SGD, Mitsui O.S.K Award, Nippon Shokubai Award and Real Tech Award costs 2,500 SGD also.

The competitors of Biofloc Philippines are Eleanor M. Olegario, Roel B. Santos, Jay P. Nakar, Celedana T. Santos and Jesus B. Santos.

Among others, Biofloc Philippines beta tested a mobile app with a water quality monitoring system and a marketplace for the BFT adaptors to sell and connect with consumers worldwide.

Tech Planters Startup Finals Asia 2022 Awarding Ceremony

Biofloc Team plot all the traditional farm problems: (1) Low Productivity- high mortality, low survivability, (2) High Operational Cost and Investment and (3) Aquaculture Landmass Scarcity for Seafood Meat Products which Intensive Aquafarming using Biofloc Technology is the theme used to solve the issue for “Seafood meat supply deficiency and loss” through “Intensive aqua farming system with water quality management using bacteria, algae/protozoa.”

The team mechanism and key benefits includes a diagram that describes how bacteria can convert ammonia to nitrite which wastes increasing hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate affecting water quality. Eventually, bacteria convert nitrite to nitrate and bacteria also convert nitrate gaseous nitrogen which bacteria’s fight diseases without antibiotics.

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