LITHOS Manufacturing Gets Recognized as a Research Contributor at the dlsu DIPO/DITO Annual Recognition and Thanksgiving Event

On July 13, 2022, the DLSU Intellectual Property Office (DIPO) and the DLSU Innovation and Technology Office (DITO) co-hosted an Annual Recognition and Thanksgiving Event in the Verdure 4th Floor Henry Sy Sr. Hall, DLSU, and through Zoom Meeting. One of the event highlights was awarding the inventors and creators who collaborated with De La Salle University to preserve the university’s intellectual property and propagate innovation for social impact. The organization recognized the teams that disclosed innovations, intellectual property, and trademarks.

DIPO & DITO are pleased to award a certificate of recognition to the Zurface: Surface Modification of Philippine Natural Zeolite (SMNZ) for the Adsorption of Textile Dye Waste. The team is constituted of LITHOS Manufacturing’s President, Engr. Eleanor Olegario, Prof. Dr. Gil Nonato C. Santos, Mark Nathaniel Dolina, Belinda Faustino, and Ven Jordanc Diputado. The group functionalized the Philippine Natural Zeolite (PNZ) with surfactants to increase its absorption with cationic, anionic, and organic dyes. Functionalization procedures will be improved for the economical manufacturing of the SMNZ. Characterization of the PNZ and SMNZ will be done to assess the increased property of SMNZ. Absorption isotherms and kinetic studies on the SMNZ absorption of dye from textile effluent will be done and evaluated. At the completion of the research project, a product, Zurface SMNZ, may be supplied to the textile and dyestuff producing enterprises for the remediation of its wastewater before releasing it to effluents.

Team Zurface Acceptance of Certificates

LITHOS Manufacturing, in collaboration with various other organizations, LITHOS Manufacturing has been actively engaged in developing natural zeolite in the Philippines.

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