LITHOS will participate in 17th International Clay Conference in Istanbul

The 17th International Clay Conference (ICC) 2022 scientific program will bring together experts from many areas relating to clays and clay minerals. The schedule for the 17th ICC 2022 will include technical sessions with oral and poster presentations, as well as keynote speakers. There will be pre-conference workshop(s) in addition to topic sessions, including a two-day AIPEA – ASYS and a one-day CMS Workshop. Two post-conference field visits to Turkish clay deposits and industrial uses will be scheduled. Visits to historical places, shopping for traditional products, and tasting the richness and variety of Turkish cuisine will all be part of the social program.

The conference will take place at the Hilton Istanbul Maslak, LITHOS Manufacturing which will be represented by Engr. Eleanor Olegario and Mr. Mon Bryan will present research entitled Enhanced Copper Sorption Property of Gamma-Irradiated Pristine and Chemically Modified Philippine Natural Zeolite. The presentation will take place on July 26, 2022, at Thematic Session 06, Clays and Contaminant Control.

This session aims to provide a venue for researchers to share and discuss their most recent findings about the interactions of natural and modified clays with organic, inorganic, and biological pollutants in liquid, solid, and gaseous phases. The contributions emphasize methodological improvements in unraveling complex clay-contaminant interactions, performance evaluations, and standardization of mineral materials in pilot and field-scale applications.

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