Bentonite Sodium

Bentonite Calcium

A.1 Pellet binder

  • Animal feed supplement
  • Ion exchanger for soil conditioning
  • Animal feed pellets production pelletizing aid
  • Additive for plastic

Bentonite is used as a feed supplement, a pelletizing aid in the animal feed industry, and also aids in flowability for unstratified feed ingredients. It helps in soil conditioning and improvement by acting as an ion exchanger. All these an increase crop yield and save more money.

A.2 Toxin binder

  • Binds to a wide range of mycotoxins
  • Reduces toxicity in animal feeds
  • Helps reduce feed cost

Adding bentonite in feed improves the level of production and livestock health while also increasing profitability by eradicating expensive veterinary professional services and other costs associated with livestock health restoration. It prevents complex problems such as infertility and lameness which can be results of toxin poisoning.

A.3 Drilling

  • Mud constituents for drilling
  • Seals borehole walls
  • Removes drill cuttings
  • Lubricates cutting head

– The use of bentonite as a mud constituent for water and oil well drilling can effectively extract drill cuttings, seal drill holes which prevent wall cavities, and lastly lubricates and cools cutting heads.

Calcium Carbonate

 Calcium carbonate

B.1 Aquaculture

  • Media for Biofilter 
  • Controls unwanted odor
  • Environmental control for animal confinement
  • Fish hatcheries filtration and ammonia removal

Calcium carbonate is believed to have a 100% acid neutralizing value, which focuses on neutralizing acidity in bottom soil and water while increasing total alkalinity.


  • Great source of Calcium (Ca)
  • Reduces metal toxicity in the soil
  • Neutralize soil acidity for fertilizer
  • Increases efficacy of other nutrients

Calcium carbonate is a mineral widely used to balance soil acidity and provide calcium to plants for nourishment. It is regarded as the most cost-effective and suitable neutralizing agent.

3 Veterinary

  • An antacid or phosphate binder
  • Food additive for animal feed nutrition
  • Animal nutritional and dietary supplement

Calcium carbonate is a mineral that is essential for the proper growth and healthy development of household pets. It is concerned with metabolic activities, nutrient retention and conversion, and cell activity regulation. It also promotes skeleton development and healthy bones in young pets. Calcium is one of the most important minerals required by animals to develop, produce, and grow.


Tricalcium Phosphate

Washed Silica